Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The straw that broke momma's back..

It has been one of those days. Already! It's only 10am and I'm ready to call it quits and go hide under my covers. I suppose the whole sleep deprived thing doesn't help.. ohh yeah and my lovely monthly friend will be coming to visit soon- both of which make me just a tad bit grumpy grumpier.

We have two dogs. Both of whom reside in the kitchen b/c they shed like crazy. Honestly, it's ridiculous how much dog hair I sweep up on a daily basis. Daddy Chaos does not like dog hair on his furniture- thus the banishment to the kitchen. At our past house/previous life, they had a nice big expensive fenced in backyard (that we fenced specifically for them.. Kids, not so much.. dogs YES..)to play in. We moved here and reduced our doggie numbers from 4 down to 2. Hello, we're not that crazy. Four dogs IN Town with a small yard? uhmm no thanks.. So we now live with our ankle biter (chihuahua)- who loves to cuddle and bury herself right up next to your side yet detests all people under 4feet tall, she will make her abhorrence known by sticking her hair up like some kind of freaky desert lizard & growling under her breath- and our lazy wannabe lapdog (choc. lab)- who loves everyone, will allow the kids to crawl all over her, pull her ears (drool prince) and basically just put up with their crap better than I could even do yet she's the biggest scaried cat I've ever met. This dog refuses to be in the house if the dishwasher is running- oohh it's scary.. storms scare the shit (literally) out of her, honestly she has some issues.. So I tell you all this for two reasons. #1 to give you some background on the household pets & #2 (and most important) to make one of the longest run on sentences in the history of this blog.. maybe even others! Woohoo...

So the morning started out, I came up the stairs with the baby (our bedroom is on the lower level while the kitchen/living room/kids rooms are on the main level) and walked into the kitchen to the SMELL.. You cannot mistake this smell for anything other than what it is.. Dog Sh*t.. Nasty- Itriedtoholdit, sorryMommaChaos- Dog sh*t. The dog is embarassed.. She's hanging her head like OMG, I'm so sorry. It was alll over the floor, I could not get to the sink or fridge to even make a bottle.

Naturally, I did what's expected. I woke up the dog walkers (part of their royal duties) and informed them that apparently they didn't do their duty very well last nite at bedtime and someone had an accident.. Could they please go clean it up. Lots of ewwing, a bit of gagging but no complaining because they knew darn well that they should have taken the dogs potty better the nite before.. God, I'm a mean mom. Frankly, if the mess is your fault then you clean it up. At the time, I admit words came out of my mouth that I'm sure the dog will later forgive me for.

At least my kitchen is now mopped and looking good.. The smell is slowly easing it's way out of the house. It's moments like these that I"m ready to be rid of both dogs. We've been contemplating finding a new home for the ankle bitter anyway- she's not a little kid person & although we've had her since a puppy (so small she fit in my pocket) I don't think it's fair to her to be in a house that is full of 3 (up to 5 if we get the other siblings) small people that she detests.. It makes for an unhappy exisitence on her part.

Oh well time will tell I guess.. I have a hard time letting go, even though I know that neither dog really fits well into our new lifestyle (toddlers & babies reigning supreme again), they were once my babies too.


  1. Oh my! I am so sorry that is how you had to wake up to that.

    I am in a similar situation but mine are cats and cat vomit! I have my adoptive son who is almost 3 1/2 years old and I am in my ninth month of a surprise pregnancy and I have a 16 year old cat that has no teeth and requires me to give her wet cat food several times through out the day. Unfortuantly, she can't keep all the food down most of the time, and I have given her smaller portions only to have her wanting me to feed her every hour. It has not been fun bending over to pick up her plate, smelling the cat food makes me gag, and then at the end of the day all the dry food is stuck like plaster on the plate and I have to take a jack hammer to get it off. Not to mention the hair balls and undigested food that seems to have covered every inch of my carpeted living room, and dinning room. I have been bending over to clean up these fun present several times each day.

    I am getting to the point where I am ready to find her a new home along with my 7 year old cat who wants to climb on my lap and "Need" my tummy. Not fun. I too am having a hard time letting go because they were my babies before the kids came. Infact the cat 7 years old kitty helped me to realize that I wanted to start to try and have kids. When we brough him home as a kitten I gave that cat a bath every week, and carried him around everywhere! I really did treat him like a baby. One day my eyes were opened and I realized that what I was really longing for was a Human Baby. The internial clock was ringing LOUD!!!!

  2. You WIN! lol! Pregnant & icky is much worse than sleep deprived & icky! :)


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