Sunday, July 20, 2008

Messes, Messes Everywhere!

We've had a messy few days lately. I'm convinced that the royal children are in a conspiracy against me. With stains from pink to green, they are certainly testing my laundry prowess. Not to worry though, I will get even. I always do.

Baby Bug didn't particularly care for his lovely pink amoxicillin. So when I tried to give it to him via the syringe... well we'll just say he now has a few outfits & several bibs that are a lovely shade of pink. I finally figured out to put it in the nipple of the bottle (before eating time) and letting him suck it out of there & then drink his bottle afterwards.

Attitude King was out running around like a spaz taking the dogs for a walk in the backyard and somehow ran himself right into a tree branch. Surely the branch jumped out and smacked him ,right? Regardless of how it happened, he came in with a bloody nose. No biggie , except by the time he came inside he had several nice blood red stains on his shirt. Lovely.. Nose is fine though :)

Spoiled Princess has recently learned that she loves guacamole (ironically so does Drool Prince.. what is With these kids?). It's just too bad that her cute white tanktop got to share in her new found love. I tried explaining to Daddy Chaos that she is still just 3, she doesn't remember that if her hands are a lovely shade of green then she probably shouldn't be wiping them all over her shirt.. Thankfully he didn't see the evil glint in her eye as she did it just one more time..

Drool Prince, bless his little heart, tried his hardest to come up with a fair offering. He decided to take his drink cup which steadfastly refused to spill (Thank you to the inventor of spill-proof cups!) and one upped it. We got to the restaurant (ironically the same one where Spoiled Princess discovered guacamole.. hmmmm...) only to discover that the boy was completely soaked from head to foot.. Now the cup only holds 8oz of liquid but apparently if spit just right ,it's plenty to soak both your shirt and pants! Yes people, the boy would not be outdone by a cup that would not spill. Instead he took big drinks & then proceeded to let them dribble down his chin -thus soaking his shirt/carseat straps/shorts. But the joke's on him! Although I'm sure he was hoping for some nice staining grape juice, his cup just contained water. And mean mommy that I am, I made him go into the air conditioned restaurant like that.

The only kid who hasn't given me a laundry disaster yet is Drama Queen.. I'm not sure if she's saving it up til I'm convince the revolt is over or if she decided that she's "above" all this peasant stuff. Time will tell..

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