Saturday, July 26, 2008

Exercises in the pointless

We had court and then a case conference the other day for Baby Bug. I won't go into the boring details other than to say that DCS in that county is completely retarded. But then we all knew that, didn't we? It was suggested at one point that BioMom not get any more visits until she could provide a clean drug screen (in 2.5yrs of Drool Prince's case, she has yet to provide one), but apparently that's too much to ask and the suggestion was dismissed with a look down the nose and a shake of the head. *note- I did not do the suggesting. *

The case conference was barely more than a We Love BioMom party in which I had to bury my nose in the magazine I'd brought from the lobby to keep from snorting with laughter.

One thing I will bring up is Drool Prince and his lack of visits. Now biomom has always been very sporadic with her visits with him. Because of this, he has no bond and views her as a stranger. If she shows for a visit, she has to forceably pry him from my leg while he kicks and screams and basically asks like he is dying. It's heartwrenching to watch, so I'm pretty happy when she doesn't bother to come to his visits. Although TPR is in the process, she is techinically entitled to visits until the TPR order is signed by the judge (any day now... any day).

During the aforementioned case conference , biomom decided to play the 'poor me' card and commented on how she hasn't been able to see Drool Prince in forever. Once his caseworker was brought over, it was pointed out that she has been on the books forever and a day for Fridays 1hr visits, the problem is that she always skips Friday visits.. oops, I guess she forgot about that? Of course this is the woman who invited her own sister to a court hearing in which I would have Baby Bug apparently forgetting that she'd been telling her sister for the past month that Baby Bug was in her care- just at home with Gma.. I digress.... Needless to say, BioMom was reminded that yes she can still have her visit with Drool Prince if she manages to show up to her visit on Friday, but to beware that TPR will be signed any day now and once it's signed she will not be allowed any further contact.

Friday comes a mere two days later. Do you think she managed to come to the visit? Hell no! After all that complaining & 'poor me', she still blew the boy off. Not that I'm complaining b/c quite frankly I wasn't looking forward to dealing with an upset and tantruming toddler for the entire weekend. Let's just hope the signed TPR order comes thru before next friday, although I doubt she'd bother to show up then either..

**Side note- obviously in my everchanging world I am just not allowed to try writing posts ahead. See the very next post to see what I mean. Things change too fast around here sometimes!


  1. I remember those days when we had to visits for our Adoptive son...with his BioDad. It was torture! Hope that paperwork gets signed by next Friday!

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