Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 3 - the one with the yelling..

Remember how yesterday I was all oh man I can't believe winter break is over and the kids have to go back to school in a few days *insert sad face* ?

Yeah well that ended today. The kids must have somehow heard me talking about how well behaved they've been because Lord have mercy they have been showing their asses today!

In the last 10 mins, I have had to yell and send 2 of the 4 to bed early.  Then dealing with the huffing and stomping off to bed makes me want to call them back down and yell about that.  Don't you stomp on that time with me young lady!!

Sigh.. Well it can't be all roses and sunshine, can it? Only one more day of the kids vacation and then back to school! Plus tomorrow is our first Monday to watch the new little itty bitty so I expect best behavior will be reigning or they won't be allowed to hold her. Lol

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 2 of rambling...

So question of the day --

As I sit here binge watching Friends on Netflix - how does Phoebe always get her hair to stick up at weird angles like she does?  I love it. Lol.

After two weeks of everyone off school & Daddy Chaos off work, I think we are all in that spot where we are ready to go back to our normal routines yet we are basking in these last few days of freedom and laziness.  No routines, no time schedules ... Sleeping in til 10am every day. It's been blissful.  The kids have all gotten along fairly well which is quite surprising considering the kids that we are talking about. lol.  My kids rarely get along this long when all confined together.  I usually get a LOT of "Mom!! I'm bored..."   Bored in this house equals chores so they have quickly learned to not utter those words within my hearing :)  Mean Mom and all :)

Today was another laze around day. The kids played with their tons of new lego sets that they got for Christmas/ birthdays.  I spent the day reading which in my opinion is pretty much the best way to spend a lazy day :)

Who's ready for the kids to go back to school and who's with me on enjoying these last few days?

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's resolutions - Do you make them? #2016

Happy New Year!!   2015 went faster than I expected.  Time flies by when you aren't paying attention (or are a bit too preoccupied with other things).  2016 has dawned new and fresh. 

It's the time to make all those crazy resolutions that we all know we will never uphold.

For example, I would love to post something small every single day of 2016. This is my resolution.  But we all know that in reality, I will probably fail this before January is over with.. Lol.  I suck at resolutions.

Our New Years Eve was pretty quiet. Attitude King spent the night with friends as they have been doing for the past several years. The little girls spent the night with Gma & Gpa. So it was just Daddy Chaos , me & the little boys.  We ordered ONE pizza (wow, that seems crazy!!) and watched Fantastic Four (the new remake) together.  The boys were in bed by 9:30.  I thought I was going to get to go to bed early but Daddy Chaos turned on the Hallmark channel and I got sucked into one of their darn Christmas shows.  The kind that you know from the beginning exactly how it's going to end (she's going to dump the snobby boyfriend & hook up with the cute down home lawyer guy and save ChristmasLand! )but you still just have to see exactly how it plays out.  So we ended up staying up til 1am (with a brief pause in the show to watch the ball drop. lol).  Sigh. It's a good thing my kids have finally learned the art of sleeping in! :)

Today we went to my parents.  We had to pick up the girls and I convinced Mom to cook a New Years day dinner for us.  They always say you should start the New Year as you want it to continue ... back when the little kids were just babies &  Southern Darlin' wasn't with us, Mom made a big family meal once a week.  Things kind of fell to the wayside when they moved farther south and we moved farther north. But it's a tradition I'm committed to bringing back! LOL! I had full intentions of working on a few new hats for Miss Itty Bitty (My friend T's new foster baby!) but somehow I got sucked into helping Mom make dinner.  lol. Oh well, best intentions and all.

The kids are off school until Tuesday, so just a few more days of freedom until we have to get back to a schedule of earlier bedtimes & much earlier waking up times.  I'm not ready yet!!!