I absolutely love contact.  Wait, that sounded bad.   I absolutely love to talk to people!!  Yay, much more friendly and not perverted =)

You can email me for any reason-
-think we're twins separated at birth? hmm, let's look into that!
-your kid is just like mine?  By all means, email me! We need to chat!
-Your company wants to have me review a product, advertise on my site, give me gobs of money??  EMAIL ME NOW!   I mean *ahem* that'd be awesome, please email me! And btw, I really love your new shoes!

So peeps, if you feel the need to reach out and touch someone - in a completely non perverted way feel free to email and I'll most likely respond immediately! Or if you feel like chatting, hit me up on twitter.

Email :  Due to someone hacking my email (Grrr!) Please send all your emails to my review email :   Thanks loves! :)
Twitter:  @MommaChaos