Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 2 of rambling...

So question of the day --

As I sit here binge watching Friends on Netflix - how does Phoebe always get her hair to stick up at weird angles like she does?  I love it. Lol.

After two weeks of everyone off school & Daddy Chaos off work, I think we are all in that spot where we are ready to go back to our normal routines yet we are basking in these last few days of freedom and laziness.  No routines, no time schedules ... Sleeping in til 10am every day. It's been blissful.  The kids have all gotten along fairly well which is quite surprising considering the kids that we are talking about. lol.  My kids rarely get along this long when all confined together.  I usually get a LOT of "Mom!! I'm bored..."   Bored in this house equals chores so they have quickly learned to not utter those words within my hearing :)  Mean Mom and all :)

Today was another laze around day. The kids played with their tons of new lego sets that they got for Christmas/ birthdays.  I spent the day reading which in my opinion is pretty much the best way to spend a lazy day :)

Who's ready for the kids to go back to school and who's with me on enjoying these last few days?

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